Some Warm Thoughts

There used to be a time when I would move just about anywhere if the job was good enough. That has led me to live in a lot of great places across the country.

The last job (my stint in academia) took me from Central California to Long Island. While I loved the job, I have to admit that I was not too thrilled with being back in wintry weather.

That was me last February, when the 2nd of two massive blizzards hit the east coast. Not fun.

This past Friday, as I left work to go pick up something for dinner, the sun was down and it was still warm enough to drive with the windows and sunroof open in the middle of December. Maybe it is older age, or maybe the words of my former boss in San Diego are sinking in: “Life is hard enough, why live it in a cold place?”

This is a pic of my sons at the Houston Zoo, last Saturday (December 4rth). Notice the short sleeve shirts and sunglasses? Much better.

Of  course, two years from now I may find myself having to find another job (you never know when you’re in the TV news business) and eating all these words as we pack up to move to Minnesota (here’s hoping for a long and joyous career in Houston), but, if I can help it, the sunny reaches below 33-degrees latitude will be where I reside for the remainder of my life.

So to all my friends on Facebook posting about the frigid temperatures and piles of snow – remember the line from a Jimmy Buffett song – “Changes in latitude, changes in attitude.”


~ by geoffreysworld on December 13, 2010.

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