The DSLR Experience Continues

Many of you know that I have been shooting a series for Fox 26 News called Houston Bloggers – reports on restaurants, the arts, and lifestyle with various Houston bloggers. I shoot them with my Canon DSLR and edit them on a MacBook Pro. As I refine and expand my skills, I’ve moved up from using iMovie 11, finally breaking down and buying Final Cut Pro X.

I know there has been a lot of controversy about Final Cut Pro X – but I love it. Fairly simple to use and a lot more flexibility and options than iMovie. One of the options not available in iMovie is the ability to synch audio and video clips. That opened up the door to make my next move in the DSLR world – buying a high-end digital audio recorder to make a separate and cleaner audio track of my interviews and then merge that audio with the clips shot by the DSLR.

It has made a HUGE difference in the audio quality of my stories. I went with the Tascam DR-40 – which gives you the option of using two built-in mics, or hooking up external mics (I use two hard-wired lav mics for my interviews).

Here’s one of the latest pieces for your viewing pleasure.


~ by geoffreysworld on May 20, 2012.

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